Steel Wire Rope

Wire ropes are essential to many applications, general or specialised, which include marine towing lines, mooring, lifting, cranes, elevators, drilling rigs, suspension bridges and cable stayed structures. Oceanic is amongst the largest stockists and distributing centres in Asia for steel wire ropes, offering only the finest quality from world-renowned manufacturers with complementary fittings.

Special Wire Rope

Notor HP/35(W)xK7 is a rotation resistant hoist rope for high rise applications including tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, offshore operating cranes or any high lift hoisting device requiring high rotation resistance.

HP8P/8xK26WS has 8 outer strands with plastic impregnation, HP8P is for guided systems only and can be used for heavy duty applications including steel or paper mill cranes, casting cranes, harbour container cranes and minera gantry cranes. HP8P can be used for twin hoist systems with one right hand lay and one left hand lay rope.

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